Paragraph : A Stormy Night

A Stormy Night

A stormy night usually occurs during the summer. It results from the depression caused by scorching heat of the sun at day. It is usually a terrible experience to undergo a violent storm a night. It usually does lost of havoc on people making them helpless, homeless, etc. as no rescue work is possible in such moments. In a stormy night, a stormy wind hits everything on the land making hawling sound. The sky is forecast with dark clouds and nothing can be seen except thunders and frightening at times. This lightening makes the atmosphere more horrible making people shudder in fear. The violent wind uproots trees, blows away houses and tinroofs etc. In the river and sea boats are capsized and people lose their lives. Sometimes, there is a tidal bore in the coastal area along with the storm. The tidal bore sweep away houses, crops and belongings. A stormy night causes a great loss to human life and belongings. It is a natural calamity experienced by the people of Bangladesh.
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