Paragraph : English University and American University

English University and American University

University is the most effective and elective institute which penlights society and creates a number of scholars who interpret the development of a country. English universities and the universities of America are often compared with their divergent levels of involvement in many different issues. There are a number of ways- English universities are different from American universities. In English universities, the intake is selective while American universities combine a number of different colleges and professional schools. English university campuses are relatively small with lesser number of students attending at a time. On the other hand, American universities are comparatively large. Sometimes on one campus, 20,000 to 25,000 students are taught there. In case of university courses offered in English universities, teacher training colleges and polytechnics are considered alternatives. But for the US universities, education, business and engineering schools are inseparable parts. For financing, the US universities or private colleges get little or no government support. But in the UK, government finances the universities as much as 70% through Parliamentary grants. In the USA, student aid is administered by the university or the supporting agency and is provided by private universities and the state or federal governments. On the other hand, in the UK, over 80% of the students are entertained with personal financial aid by the government. For this reason, the learning condition of these universities is comfortable for the students. In conclusion, we can say that the students of American universities expend much more to get quality education than the English universities students. 
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