Paragraph : A Rickshaw Puller and A Taxi Driver

A Rickshaw Puller and A Taxi Driver

A person who pulls a rickshaw or taxi for earning his livelihood is called a rickshaw puller or a taxi driver. A rickshaw puller or a taxi driver is a common figure on the street. Rickshaw pullers and taxi drivers are found in large number is towns. Nowadays, they are found in villages too. The rickshaw puller wears very poor and simple dress. Normally, he wears a torn shirt and lungi. There is a sign of want in his face. So, his appearance is not good looking. On the other hand, the taxi driver wears specific uniform provided by the taxi owner. Sometimes, he had a better living. However, both of them wait for the passengers at the bus stands. railway stations, cinema halls and at the corners of the roads. They draw the attention of passengers by ringing bells or horns or shouting. Although they lead a very miserable life, they can hardly fulfil the needs of their family members. A rickshaw puller pulls his rickshaw by applying his physical strength. On the contrary, a taxi driver drives his taxi with the help of engine. The earning capacity of a rickshaw puller is less than that of a taxi driver. He earns his bread by the sweat of his brow. But he does not complain about his need for anybody. However, both of them play a significant role in society. They render a great social service by carrying passengers from one place to another. So, we should not look down on them.
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