Paragraph : Session Jam

Session Jam

The word ‘jam’ has now been a very common term among the graduation or post-graduation level students in our country and there’s hardly any graduate who didn’t suffer session jam. The failure to complete a course in time is called session jam. Session jam clogs students in a session for a longer period of time than usual as traffic jam clogs vehicles at a certain point for a longer period of time. When the universities cannot complete the duty of the course in the session concerned owing to many kinds of problems or turmoil, especially political violence, it causes session jam. Authority’s tardiness to implement the exam calendar, some institutions’ failure to finish the courses in time, natural disaster and sometimes students’ movement to defer the exam also cause session jam. Whatever the reasons for session jam are, the students and guardians suffer the bad impact and brunt of the session more than anybody else. Students lagging behind in completing their courses which leaves bad effect on their career building as well. The guardians are to spend more money for a longer period of time than expected for their children. Students are to waste their valuable time which is a great loss of national resources as well. University authority, political parties, teachers and students have to be more sincere and prompt so that students can get rid of the curse of session jam.
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