Paragraph : Shopping


Some people are very much fond of shopping. A shopping place or a market is generally located in a centre where communication and transportation facilities to and from various places exist. Shopping centres are available in the city. But in the village, it is rare. It is said that women are fond of shopping. Usually, they buy clothes, cosmetics, and utensils. They sometimes visit shopping centres with their children and husbands. Often male members have to go shopping for daily necessaries. One should remain alert while shopping. The villagers gather in the ‘hut’ once or twice a week. A bag or a basket is necessary for shopping. Thousands of people go shopping on the occasion of the holy Eid, Durga Puja or New-Year. Then the shopping centres become crowded with people. Shopping is very troublesome then. Children buy different garments and toys from the market. Showpieces, handicraft-goods, furniture and displayed to sell in the shop. People go shopping in the book fair, a village fair, trade fair several times. Shopping is a kind of recreation also.
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