Paragraph : Rickshaw Puller

Rickshaw Puller

A rickshaw puller is a very common figure in a town and in a village in our country. He earns his living by pulling rickshaw all day long. Generally, a rickshaw puller is a very poor man. He lives from hand to mouth. Most of the rickshaw pullers do not have their own rickshaw and that is why they have to hire a rickshaw from an owner whom they have to pay a certain amount of money every day. A rickshaw puller has to work very hard as he has to work in the sun and in the rain. The work of a rickshaw puller is also risky in a busy town. In a busy town where buses, trucks, and cars run all day long, a rickshaw-puller has to ride his rickshaw very carefully. Very often we see the trucks, buses or the cars to run over the rickshaw. Most of the rickshaw-pullers live an inhuman life. Rickshaw-pullers in a town lives in the slums being deprived of the five basic needs. Very often the rickshaw pullers are not well paid by their passengers. Thus we see that the life of a rickshaw puller is very miserable.
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