Paragraph : A Science Fair

A Science Fair

A fair is a kind of annual or occasional gathering. People from all walks of life gather here for acquiring knowledge, enjoyments and to buy things. Recently, I visited a science fair held at Notre Dame College, Dhaka. I was accompanied by my sister Lucky and Sumi. I feel happy to describe the experience of my visit to such an excellent science fair. The college was decorated magnificently. Many students of different colleges like Ideal School & College, Dhaka College, Dhaka City College and Dhaka Commerce College took part in the fair and displayed their various projects. I observed some amazing discoveries and inventions of the little scientists. I found ‘Production of Electricity’, ‘Automatic Fire Control’, ‘Signal of Catching Thief’, small refrigerator, and so on. I was surprised to see the project of reject tube light running. It was a project of enlightening the invalid tube light with minimum cost. Besides these, there were so many experiments on different important issues. Actually, it was a national science fair and people from different places came to visit the fair. Minister of Science and Technology and the local MP also visited the fair. It was really a remarkable visit with great educative values. I have experienced a lot from this visit and hope that the little scientists of Bangladesh will be the great ones in course of time.


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