Paragraph : My Childhood Playmates

My Childhood Playmates

We need to play all kinds of games and sports. There is a proverb “Man cannot live alone.” So, we need to keep company. From this saying, I would like to say that we also (the young boys and girls) cannot live alone. We need playmates to play with them. I still remember some of my childhood playmates. They are Sumon, Rajon, Mohan and Tapu. When we read in class VII we were usually played football and kabadi in every afternoon among with others. We were very closed friends. We never quarrelled each other. We loved each other. They were very helpful to me. I passed my boyhood with them very friendly. Now, I am staying very far from them. I don’t know where are they at present. But they are still in my heart. I’ll never forget them. I’ll remember them forever. Mansur, Belal, Helal, Rafiq, Javed, Sumon, Jony are my playmates at present. We are studying in the same college and same class. They are also very helpful to me. We play and share our views and opinions together. We help each other in making notes outside the playground.
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