Paragraph : A Visit to my Own Primary School

A Visit to my Own Primary School

The village primary school in which I received my primary education is dear to me. Recently, I went there on a visit. The purpose of my visit was to seek information about the progress of education of my younger brother who is currently studying there. My intimate friend Rahim who is also my classmate accompanied me. First, we went directly to the headmaster’s room where the teachers were holding a review meeting about the performance of the students in the annual examination. I was really glad to see the concern of the teachers about the welfare of the students. I noticed a great change in the attitude and behaviour of the teachers. They welcomed us cordially and informed us of the brilliant performance of our successors. We found that some of our senior teachers have gone on retirement and a number of young teachers mostly female have joined the school. The young and new teachers are more modern, tolerant and assertive in nature. They are taking the pains to improve the quality of teaching in the school. I felt highly glad and satisfied to see the reverberation and enthusiasm of the new teachers in performing duties. The annual progress report of the students gave me a profound sense of satisfaction that the school was going on well.
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