Paragraph : Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

A balance diet means the food having a combination of all the essential nutrients. These essential food elements are protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral salts, vitamins and waters. These elements are essential for our good health. So we need a proper diet chart. Our diet is whatever we eat and need to eat health food which maintains our growth and physical structure. To maintain good health meat, fish, pulses, lentil, eggs, milk and every kind of milk food like cottage chuse and panees are rich in proteins. Proteins are our main source of energy. Oil, sugar, cream, cheese, red meat, ghee, butter etc are all rich in fat. Fat also gives us energy, fruits and leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. They build our body defense against diseases and viral infections. We should not eat one type of food. We must take the foods having all these elements. We have to eat mix of foods according to the need our body and avoid the food which are harmful to our body. My daily diet is always balanced. Because it gives me protein and nutritions. A balance diet is a diet where different kinds of food in certain quantities and proportions so that the requirment for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamis etc. The other side, a balance diet ensure nto to eat excessive food and drink a lot of water which save our life. So that we need a proper balance diet for our good health and is vital for leaving a healthy life.

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I used to follow the rules of health. Following the rules of health is the precondition to a sound life. We cannot enjoy sound mind in a sound body until we observe the rules of health. Again, a man without sound health cannot enjoy his life. Thus, it is mandatory to follow the rules of health for a sound life. Thus, it is mandatory to follow the rules of health for a sound life. To keep sound health, we should take a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one which meets the nutritional needs of the body. In contains, food items contain the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, mineral and vitamins. I think a balanced diet is necessary to keep sound health. It builds and protects our body from diseases and also gives us energy to continue our work. A balanced diet not only satisfies our hunger but also preserve our health. Hence we should eat a balanced diet.
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