Paragraph : My Family

My Family

I belong to a Muslim nuclear family. The family consists of six members. My father is a college teacher working in an Upazila college. My mother is a good housewife. She does all the household chores. We are two brothers and two sisters. My younger brother is expected to attend the SSC examination from a local high school this year. My two sisters are attending class VII and IX respectively. Both are highly bright and intelligent. There exist a good relationship and fellow-feeling among the family members. We have a good understanding of each other. We are all friendly, supportive and cooperative with each other. I like my family very much. Everyone here feels free and comfortable. We enjoy the best kind of freedom. I like my family most because there are harmony and unity among the family members.

Same paragraph collected from another book

The family in which I am born and brought up is my family. Family means a group of people consisting of parents and their children. My family consists of five members. I have one brother and one sister. I am the second son of my parents. My mother is the centre of our family. She prepares our meals and looks after our education. She helps my father in all matters. During our leisure period, she tells us stories. My father is a petty businessman in Dhaka city. Though we are not economically well off, we are not unhappy in our family life. The happy and peaceful atmosphere of our family exerts a great influence on my character. I love my family very dearly.
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