Paragraph : Over-Eating


The habit of over-eating is very dangerous for health. We eat to live not live to eat. But there are some people who foster a view that we have come to this world for one time; so eat whatever you can. There are also some people who eat or want to eat whatever they see. They do not follow any routine of eating or think of the food value. That is why they have to suffer from various indigestion problems and sometimes become too fat to live a normal life. The punishment of the lady guest in W.S. Maugham’s short story “The Luncheon” teaches us the consequence of over-eating. There is a saying, “A man dies not from less eating but from over-eating.” If we turn our eyes to our surroundings we see that those who are in the habit of over-eating suffer from so many problems. But those who are in the habit of eating less live a better life than the first group. Over-eating is not only harmful to health but also a kind of wasteful luxury. So, nobody should develop a dangerous habit of over-eating.
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