Paragraph : Ombudsman


The ombudsman is a government official whose job is to examine and report on complaints made by the ordinary people about the government or public authorities. If the ombudsmen are honest, wide-spread corruption can be controlled to a great extent. It is known to us that Bangladesh is number one corrupted country in the world. In a country like ours, the ombudsmen can play a very important role to relieve the country from corruption. But it is an extremely deplorable matter that the ombudsmen are also corrupted. When they get any report, they demand a handsome amount of money from the corrupted man. The corrupted person or criminal easily agree to pay whatever the ombudsman demands. So corruption does not decrease, rather it increases. Every sector of our government has earned a high reputation for corruption. If it is not checked, our country will plunge into darkness. So, the conscious citizens of our country should come forward to rescue the nation from the curse. If we are able to create honest ombudsmen, we can hope to set the country free from corruption in near future.
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