Paragraph : Our College Canteen

Our College Canteen

Our college canteen is an inseparable part of our college. Here different types of foods and snacks are available. It is situated in the left corner of our college. It remains open mainly during college time. There are chairs, tables, and many other necessary tools in the canteen. There is a manager who takes his seat beside the cash box and collects money. The canteen has much importance for the students. Students have to remain in college for a long time. When they get hungry in this long time, they go to the canteen to take something to satisfy their hunger. Sometimes, the students are seen to pass away their time by gossiping. Students and teachers come to the canteen to eat something when they have no class. There is a separate arrangement for the teachers. Inside the canteen, there is a TV corner. The coloured TV with its dish channels shows different programmes. Sometimes, there is a lot of discussion about political affairs, games, and sports. The canteen is kept neat and clean in all respects in view of its importance.

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A canteen is a common sight of a school, college, university or an office. A canteen may be big or small. A canteen has normally two parts. In the front part, there are chairs and tables. In other part, there is the kitchen. There is a manager in a canteen. The manager sits generally in the front part of the canteen and collects money from the customers. There are some bearers in a canteen. They always supply foods to the customers. Sometimes people spend a lot of time in the canteen for the extra enjoyment free of cost. A canteen is a meeting place of friends. Discussions on a wide verity of topics, mostly hot discussions on current politics are held in a canteen. A canteen is thus a busy and noisy place from dawn till the late afternoon.
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