Paragraph : Our College Common Room

Our College Common Room

Every college has a common room for the students. When the students have no classes, they go to the common room for rest and recreation. We also have a common room for us on the college premises. It is a fairly large one-storeyed building and is well-equipped and well-furnished. It has the daily newspapers spread out on the stands for the students to read. Journals and magazines of light nature are also kept there. The common room is provided with facilities for indoor games. There we can play carom, table tennis, and billiards. The students inside the common room are invariably found jolly and jovial. Some students engage in gossips and their topics range from the film-world to the world of politics. Inside the common room, there is a TV corner. The coloured TV with its dish-antenna can show programmes from any place in the world. We are happy to have a common room of this standard.
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