Paragraph : Our Education System

Our Education System

Our educational system should be thoroughly reformed. The development of a nation totally depends on its system of education. The percentage of literacy in our country is 65.5. But it is very painful that though the government fosters the development of education, it gradually deteriorates. The students do not concentrate their mind on studies. Violence takes place in the seats of education. Those who have passed the exam during this critical period are not well-educated. There is a lack of proper planning in our education system. Educational institutions do not function properly. The teachers do not pay their attention to the classes, rather they pay attention to coaching centres. As a consequence, the students become derailed. To get rid of this indiscipline, Bangladesh National Commission has changed the old order and given new rules of education. If these all are applied practically, the educational system may develop. And to develop the educational system students, teachers and even the high officials of the government should co-operate.
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