Paragraph : Obeying Your Senior

Obeying Your Senior

Obeying senior is one of the greatest virtues of man. By ‘senior’ we can mean father, mother, elder brothers, and sisters, uncles, aunts, grandfather, grandmother etc. To us, our parents are superior to Heaven. They have brought us up in our childhood. They have looked after us from our infancy with the greatest care and love. Without their loving care, our existence on earth would be impossible. Like our parents, our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandfather, grandmother also care for us. Their joys know no bounds if they find us happy. They are wiser and more experienced. It is our bounden duty to act according to their direction and advice. By obeying the seniors we can be respected by others. For if our juniors see us obeying our senior they will also obey us. By obeying our senior, we shall be respected by other people. Our religion teaches us that to please the parents as well as the other seniors is to please God. So if we obey our seniors, God will be pleased with us.
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