Paragraph : Our Student Leaders

Our Student Leaders

There was a time where we could pride ourselves on the qualities of our student leaders. It is they who were then the conscience-keepers of the people. It is they who gave them the right sense of direction and purpose at the time of crisis. Their leadership during the Language Movement in 1952, the People’s Uprising in 1969 and the War of Liberation in 1971 dazzles in our history in letters of gold. But after the achievement of independence history tells us a sad tale. The quality of leadership in the student sector as well as in other sectors has progressively degenerated resulting in campus violence, bloodshed, and even death. It is because of the wrong steps of the majority of our student leaders that the evils like terrorism in the campus, unscheduled closure of institutions, session jam, cramming and copying in the examination halls have struck firm roots in the seats of learning. Academic pursuits and acquisition of knowledge have become matters of the past. The standard of education has hopelessly deteriorated. All this is nothing but suicidal for the student community leading towards a blank future looming large for the whole nation. It is high time that our student leaders should realize their blunders and rise to the occasion to follow the ideals set by their predecessors.
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