Paragraph : No risk, No gain

No risk, No gain

↬ Nothing venture, Nothing has

The way to success in life is beset with dangers and uncertainties and only those persons who can overcome them by undertaking risks can enjoy the glory of success. The people who do not dare to take risk and give up their attempts at the first sight of dangers and difficulties can never attain success. Therefore if we want to obtain success, we must take risk and encounter the dangers and difficulties with courage, perseverance and patience. Sometimes we may fail or have to undergo sufferings at first, but we should not lose heart and give up our pursuit in despair. Our initial failures and sufferings are nothing but the prices that we have to pay for ultimate success. Nobody can get anything without any cost. The astronauts would not have been able to reach the moon if they had not taken risks or ventured in the dangers of the infinite spaces. But while taking risk we must consider the pros and cons of the undertaking and keep in view how to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that may lie on the way because hasty and perfunctory action may lead to ruin, and so the venture should be thoroughly analyzed before we launch into it.
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