Paragraph : Mercy is God’s gift

Mercy is God’s gift

Mercy is an invaluable gift of God. Wordsworth says,
“The best portion of good man’s life
His little, nameless, unremembered acts
Of kindness and of love.”
Man is called the best creation of God. Everything in the world has been made for the welfare of mankind. That is why human beings have duties towards God’s gifts. Man has to show mercy, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, truthfulness towards God’s creation. Character is the ornament of man’s life. Greatness and fame of an honest man become more attractive in touch with mercy. If we take pity of God’s creation, it will be like the prayer to God. So if we want to go closer to God, we have to love His creation. If we show kindness towards the poor, God will be satisfied. There are many poor, homeless, foodless people in this world. We should show kindness towards them. Their miseries know no bounds. Not only towards them but also we have to show kindness towards animals. We have to be sympathetic towards all animals. When this sense of kindness will be active in every man, only then the earth will be beautiful, and also our society and surroundings will be beautiful. But mercy is such a virtue that it emanates from God alone.
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