Paragraph : The crown and glory of life is character

The crown and glory of life is character

A man’s real asset is his character. But there are some men who are often led to evil ways by their hankering after riches and earthly fame. They make these the chief objects of their lives and do not hesitate to adopt foul means to acquire them. They forget that the real wealth of man is not riches or fame, it is character. Character is one’s most precious treasure. Riches are uncertain things, and the fame that power gives or is won by foul means is as short-lived as the dewdrop. Pure character, on the other hand, not only makes a man immortal but also wins the love and favour of God. Most of the religious teachers of the world lived and died poor and persecuted. Yet they are respected and worshipped everywhere for the purity and nobility of their character. So we should not allow anything to stain our character, whatever the sacrifice may be character is a man’s ornament and it is the crown and glory of life.
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