Paragraph : Moral Erosion

Moral Erosion

Moral erosion has now banished simple life and developed ideas from Bangladesh. It is becoming extreme day by day. By independence war of 1971, we have achieved the best thing – freedom. But at the same time, we lost the invaluable thing – morality. Our countrymen now prefer riches but not education and honour. Human character has been destroyed violently. By hook or by crook each and everyone wants to become rich. Thus society is being destroyed. Ershad Shikdar is the greatest example of modern moral erosion. Terrorism, murder, hijacking, black money, child and female trafficking, acid throwing, unfair means in exams, leakage of questions, drug-business, toll-extortion, adulteration of medicine and food, etc. have become daily affairs. None can protest. A peculiar and illegal competition is going on among people. In literature and culture, moral erosion is evident also. They misled the young generation. Independence has widened human demands. Democratic culture has not been grown up. Lack of modesty and respect towards others are evident. But this cannot be continued. The situation has to be changed. If we are united against all criminal activities, all the barriers on the way of development must be removed. We hope that the young generation will win all adversities. The nation waits for that better future. Moral regeneration must be brought about at any cost without further delay.
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