Paragraph : Mass Education

Mass Education

↬ Literacy Campaign

To educate the illiterate mass is called Mass Education. This programme aims at giving knowledge of letters to the illiterate people. Its mains purpose is to make them aware and responsible citizens capable of reading, writing and doing necessary calculations which are very much needed in practical life. Illiterate people do not know what is right and what is wrong and are not conscious of their rights and duties. So, to make responsible citizens mass education is necessary. Without mass education, we are unable to control the population explosion. In order to develop our country in all respects, mass education is a must. To remove this illiteracy steps should be taken by the government. Opening night schools in every village should be made compulsory. The poor people should be supplied with all the items which are necessary for learning. For the purpose of spreading education among the masses, all of us have to come forward and work unitedly in collaboration with the government.
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