Paragraph : Modesty


Modesty is one of the best human qualities. A person is known by his behaviour and if a person is modest in his behaviour, he is liked by all and is respected everywhere. A modest person talks to people with a smiling face. A modest person always tries to please the person to whom he talks. The proverb goes, “Good manners cost nothing but bring many things.” In fact, good manners mean nothing but modesty. If a man is modest he can succeed in every sphere of his life. If a student is modest all the teachers like him, if a service holder is modest he is liked by his colleagues and bosses. If a businessman is modest he liked by his customers. Therefore, we see that success in every sphere of life largely depends on modesty. In most of the religions, a great emphasis has been given on modesty. Modesty makes a person patient and controls his anger which is a great enemy. As modesty is a great virtue we should all cultivate this virtue in order to achieve success in life.
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