Paragraph : Night Before the Examination

Night Before the Examination

Examinations are held to evaluate the progress a student has made during the education term. But most of the students suffer from examination phobia. So, the night before the examination is a nightmare to them. I am always regular in studies and do satisfactory results in the examinations. So, it is not a nightmare for me. My parents told me not to keep late hours at night. So, I revised some answers and went to bed. But I could not sleep. So I put the table lamp on and started reading. I thought if the question answers learned well by me are not set in the question paper, what should I do then. So I opened my books and started reading a new chapter. But I could not concentrate. Different thoughts – good and bad thronged into my mind. Some students cut pages of books and keep them concealed in their body. Should I do that? ‘No’, came the reply from within. Just then my mother came in and told me not to read anymore. She put out the light. However, it was about 2 p.m. So I fell asleep. In my sleep, I dreamt that I was writing answers in the examination hall. All the questions were common. I was very happy. Just then the alarm bell of my table clock rang. I woke up. It was a quarter to six. Thus I passed the night before the examination.
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