Paragraph : If you win a Lottery of Taka Forty Lakh

If you win a Lottery of Taka Forty Lakh

Sometimes I think that if I get forty lakh taka in a lottery what I would do. I also find some ways to spend the amount. At first, I shall satisfy my own personal needs. Then I shall build a beautiful house for myself in a spacious area. I would furnish my house with the most modern amenities to make myself as comfortable as possible. I would then go on a world tour for gathering new and pleasant experience. I would visit the major capitals of the world like London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, and Washington. Returning from abroad, I would give a thought to the poor and the needy around me. I would follow the footsteps of the great men who by their humanitarian deeds occupy a great place in the history of mankind. I shall help men in distress in such a way that they can stand on their own legs. I would help the poor students to prosecute their education. I would establish a hospital for children. After doing all this, I would certainly have no money left with me, but I shall have the satisfaction of having seen and done so many things.


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