Paragraph : IT education and it's future in Bangladesh

IT education and it's future in Bangladesh

Information Technology or IT means the combination of all activities related to collecting, processing, storing, using and transmitting data and information through the use of computers and communication networks. Bangladesh has a large number of opportunities to be a passenger of the information highway. If Bangladesh wishes to prosper in the knowledge-based economy of the future, it must develop its most abundant but neglected resource, its population with a dynamic and relevant education system. IT is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. It is largely dependent on human resources. There are some impediments to the development of IT industry in Bangladesh such as the poor quality of Science, Mathematics and English education in our country. The quality of science and IT teachers in our schools, colleges, universities and other types of formal and informal institutions is very poor. Our country is very poor. We notice lack of employment demand from the IT sector. So, many people are going abroad for a better opportunity. The government needs to formulate nationwide education policy that will facilitate human resources development in IT. Special plans need to be formulated with the association of public funds in special cases. If we want to develop our IT industry, we must implement a coherent, coordinated action plan involving both the public and private sectors.
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