Paragraph : Happiness


Happiness is a word that is loved by all. Everybody wants to be happy in life. But human life consists of happiness and sorrow. They come in one’s life by turn. None can live in the perfect domain of happiness. One must experience the bitterness of life. Happiness cannot be bought by money thought somebody thinks that if one possesses money, one is in happiness. Actually, it is a wrong idea. Because happiness is an abstract thing and the idea of happiness is quite different from different people. To a rich man, more money is happiness, to a poor man who cannot earn his meal the supply of his meal is happiness, to a very hungry man a good dish is happiness, to a sick man to come round is happiness. Thus we find that every man has an abstract idea about happiness. As it cannot be bought we have to bear in mind that true happiness consists in contentment. Most of the people of our society are not content with their own position. The more they get, the more they want. So they cannot think themselves happy. We often find a rich man leads an unhappy life. On the other hand, many poor people are living happily. So we can say that happiness can be achieved by self-contentment.
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