Paragraph : How to prepare a cup of tea

How to prepare a cup of tea

Tea is a very popular drink and that is why those who are in the habit of taking tea know how to prepare a cup of tea. In fact, it is very easy to make a cup of tea. We generally take milk tea or raw tea. When a person makes a cup of raw tea he needs only tea, sugar, and water. Sometimes people mix ginger or lemon juice with the raw tea. In the making of a cup of tea, a person has to boil the water first. When the water boils, he has to put a certain amount of tea and sugar in it. Of course, the amount of sugar and the liquor of the tea varies from person to person. The adding of ginger or lemon juice increases the taste of raw tea. A cup of raw tea is very helpful in coughing and cold. In the making of a cup of milk tea, a certain amount of milk has to mix with the raw tea. Milk tea is different in taste and colour than raw tea. In a cup of raw tea, we get the real flavour and taste of the tea but the adding of milk changes the real taste and colour of the tea. Some of us are fond of raw tea and some are fond of milk tea. However, the making of a cup of raw milk tea is very easy and tea refreshes us removing our boredom.

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Tea is a kind of popular drink. It is the most common drink prepared from tea leaves. Tea is a refreshing drink. It gives us energy for work. A cup of tea refreshes our body and mind. It also helps us to keep awake. It is a very cheap tiffin for many in our country. Preparation of a cup of tea is easy. At first tea dust or leaves are put into the boiled water in a kettle. Then the water is sieved and poured into a cup with some sugar and milk. This way tea is prepared for drink. Tea is a good drink. But tea is not always good for the people of hot countries. It kills hunger. So too much of it is bad for health. When tea is taken too much it causes harm. We should take care that excessive drink of tea is harmful to our health.
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