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Gardening means the cultivation of flowers on a plot of land. It is a good pastime. Some people take to gardening as a hobby. I am one of those who has gardening as their hobby. In our country, the rainy season is the best time to lay out a garden. At this time soil remains soft and can be prepared easily for putting up plants. The weather is suitable for vegetation. During this season anyone can set about gardening with ease and pleasure. It provides a diversion from the monotonous routine work. When the flowers bloom, the garden becomes a sight to see. It fills the air with a charming fragrance. Gardening has economic importance also. Many people earn their living by means of flower-trade. Besides, gardening is a kind of physical exercise. It keeps the body fit and healthy. Thus gardening has a lot of benefits.

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Gardening is a hobby where men spend their time in leisure. Some people spend their time in flower gardening or fruits gardening. I have a flower garden in front of my reading room. Flowers are some of the most beautiful things around us and I like quite a few of them. In fact, flowers are so beautiful that it is difficult to neglect any one of them. Of all flowers, I like the rose most. The rose is rightly called the queen of flowers. There are some of the fragrance flowers like Beli, Gandharaj, Bakul, Shefali and the colours of some flowers like Rakta Karabi, Marigold in my garden. As a matter of fact most of the flowers are so beautiful that I cannot explain.

Same paragraph collected from another book

Gardening is a very pleasant thing for me. Keeping this noble view in memory, I have made a garden beside my reading room. It is an orchard. I find a lot of pleasure in working my garden and making necessary arrangements for my garden. My dream regarding the garden has come into reality. Now the garden smiles with different blooming flowers. It has also made our home beautiful. The garden spreads sweet scent every time which makes me happy.
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