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The importance of holidays cannot be overstated. Nowadays we find life an exhausting business. Work and worry both are equally unavoidable. This is the go of life. On the other hand, the necessity of having a little rest from work and worry cannot be denied. Man’s life is bounded by routine. Holiday makes an opportunity to come out of this routine. Holidays are those sweetest moments when we are free from our normal duties or usual routine work, we are our own master and can dispose of this time according to our own will. They give us relief from heavy pressure of regular work or normal duties. They break the monotony of life and offer rest, recreation, and relaxation. There are occasions when men enjoy their holidays. This may be on some religious occasions like the Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, the Ramadan, the Puja, the Muharram, or some national occasions like Independence Day or Victory Day and the like. To work without pause is tiresome. Holidays in different ways. Some may spend their holidays on gardening and paying visits to friends and relatives. And some may attend cinemas, religious meetings, etc. The students may go to places of educational interest, such as a museum, a zoo, and an art gallery or Botanical garden. Life is working no doubt, but perpetual work means losing interest in the varieties of life. “What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?” The best life is that which combines in itself work, rest, amusement, and a variety of interests. We live not only to create work but also to enjoy the holidays. Holidays, if properly used, give us the exact taste of life.

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Holidays are very pleasant. Those who work sincerely get the good and sweet taste of holidays. It is important to adopt certain policies to enjoy holidays properly. Generally, we know that holidays are off days and periods of relaxation which break the monotony of life. Men and women pass their holidays doing the household work, arranging the household items, going shopping to buy the necessary commodities, and even in pleasant pastimes like reading novels, listening to songs, angling, painting, gossiping, and so on. Holidays are sometimes government and sometimes public holidays. Religious holidays are observed with due solemnity and religious fervour. Without holidays, life would have been dull and meaningless. Holidays need certain factors to be celebrated in toto. Holidays bear certain charisma which should be understood by the people deeply. However, sagacious and bonafide persons said about the importance of the holidays - 
Holidays are recreational days
Holidays bring about joys
Holidays are sweetening 
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