Paragraph : Fundamentalism and Terrorism

Fundamentalism and Terrorism

Nowadays fundamentalism and terrorism go hand in hand. In Christian thought, fundamentalism is the belief that everything in the Bible is true and should form the basis of religious thought and practice. But at present, the term is used in a broader sense meaning the strict following of the basic teaching of any religion. And terrorism means the use of violence to achieve some political aims. So apparently the two ideas seem different. But in modern times some fundamentalists use force or violence to achieve their aims. The religious fundamentalists believe that only their religion is true and all should follow it strictly. They are not ready to tolerate any deviation or relaxation. So they compel the people by force to follow their dictates. They are even ready to fight and kill their opponents. Much of the violence in the modern world is due to this religious fundamentalism or fanaticism. The fundamentalists cannot see anything good in the religion other than of their own. As a result, conflict begins. Millions of people have been killed in these communal conflicts. Thus, by having recourse to terrorism, fundamentalism defeats the very purpose of religion which is to establish peace and harmony in the world.
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