Paragraph : Food, People Commonly Eat in Bangladesh

Food, People Commonly Eat in Bangladesh

The foods that people in Bangladesh commonly eat are, among other things, rice, fish, and pulses (dal). People also eat wheat, potato, and other seasonal vegetables, sweet potato, beef, mutton, chicken, eggs, bread and other bakery products, sweet meat and all sorts of local fruits. Some other common but occasionally eaten food are polao, biriani, chicken roast and chicken rejala, different kinds of kabab, mutton curry and beef curry. All these, we call common foods, because these are available everywhere in Bangladesh and people like them very much as well. We can find them around us. These items are available in the market around the year unless not out so season. Green and red vegetables, Mola fish and sour fruits are rich in vitamins. Plantains are a good source of iron. All fruits are also rich in food value. We like all these Bangladeshi foods because these are our own food, we are habituated to eat this sort of food. It is a symbol of nationalism and self-confidence too. Above all, most of our common foods are very rich in nutrition value and highly agreeable to our palate.
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