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Paragraph : Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter

A freedom fighter is honoured in all lands and in all times because he fights for a noble cause which is the freedom of the motherland. Freedom is the birthright of man, but sometimes this right is denied to a nation by foreign rulers. As a result, armed conflict takes place between the freedom-loving people and determined then the freedom fighters win and the country achieves independence. The people of Bangladesh fought a glorious war of independence against the Pakistani occupation forces in 1971. In this great war the Bengali members of the armed forces, the students and the people from all walks of life took part. They fought for long nine months and defeated the well-trained Pakistani forces. Bangladesh became a free country. The people who fought against the Pakistani army and the people who took part in the war efforts are called the freedom fighters. Many of the freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the cause of the motherland. We owe our freedom to these noble freedom fighters. The freedom fighters will remain immortal in the history of Bangladesh.

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