Paragraph : Flowers You Like

Flowers You Like

Flowers are a dominant factor of the exquisite beauty of nature in Bangladesh. Each season approaches with a variety of flowers. These flowers are the rose, the marigold, the champa, the jasmine, the togar, the bakul, the beli, the chameli, the kamini etc. The flowers I like are the rose, the beli, and the bakul. Of them, I like the rose most. Why do I like it? I like this flower because the rose is called the queen of flowers. It is appreciated all over the country for its colour, shape, and sweet smell. The rose looks nice and gives out the scent that soothes my mind when I am very much mentally tired. It refreshes my mind so much that I can get fresh energy to work again with full attention. There is a saying, “He who does not love flowers can kill a man.” The other flowers that I like besides the rose are also very charming, fragrant and invigorating.
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