Paragraph : Gender Discrimination in Bangladesh

Gender Discrimination in Bangladesh

↬ Gender Disparity

Gender Equality

Gender discrimination in Bangladesh is very conspicuous. The male people of Bangladesh think that they are stronger than women. The women should confine themselves only to household work. Their stay inside the house has become a tradition. The parents think that one day the girl will become the wife of another house. So she need not do other work. The husbands treat their wives very harshly. If anything bad happens in a family, the women are held responsible for it. In the sphere of service, the men are getting priority. Here women are held responsible for it. In the sphere of service, the men are getting priority. Here women are disqualified for lack of strength and courage. The women who are divorced from their husbands are very dishonoured in society and the family. Society treats them with disgust and dishonour. Women are still looked upon as the weaker section of the society even in the present millennium. This attitude is rife among the male because women are really lagging behind in education and earning capability. Even colours are also important factors in gender discrimination. If a woman’s colour is black, people do not agree to marry her. People do not show respect for them. But there is no discrimination between men and women in the developed countries of the world. So, we should remove the discrimination between men and women and establish their equal right for our progress and prosperity.

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Gender disparity means unequal treatment of children due to difference of gender. This is an evil working at the root of our social structure. In Bangladesh, boys and girls are not treated equally. In our surroundings, I know some families where there is unequal treatment between boys and girls. In these families, girls are not given enough food. They are taught to keep good food for boys. They are given less costly dresses than boys. They are not allowed to achieve higher education. They think girls do not need to have higher education because they will be married off and sent to their husband’s family. Thus more money is spent on males. Girls are not even allowed to go outside without any permission. They are confined within the four walls of their houses. Personally, I do not support gender discrimination. I strongly believe that boys and girls should be treated equally.

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