Report on violent storm

Imagine, you are an inhabitant of Faridpur district. Your locality has been hit by a violent storm. Write a report on the storm that destroyed many villages. 


Saila Khondkar, FARIDPUR, March 15 : A violent storm hit Faridpur district on the 13th of February at dead night. Hundreds of mud huts were flattened when the storm hit the district with 150 km speed per hour. The storm was escorted by thunder and lightining. It hit about 13 villages of the district and destroyed almost all the mud houses of the villages. Many trees were uprooted and a huge area of paddy crops were damaged. Hundreds of poor people were rendered homeless and helpless. The storm is said to have taken away lives of 18 innocent people while leaving few others seriously injured. 

The people of the affected villages have been undergoing untold sufferings. Hundreds of people have been houseless and have been living under the open sky. Some poor people are literally starving. They are badly in need of food, medicine, pure drining water, etc. 

Some private organisations have come forward to extend their aid and assistance to the affected people. The Hon’ble Minister for Disaster Management & Relief Work made an aerial survey of the area and promised for help to relive the sufferings of the people.
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