Report about devastating consequences of deforestation

Write a report on the devastating consequences of deforestation in the context of Bangladesh.


Payel Hasan, Local Correspondent, GAZIPUR, April 24 : Deforestation is the most pressing issue at the moment across the country as it is facing the impacts of global climate change, report The CNN.

Speakers in different seminars of different times said deforestation means large-scale cutting down of trees indiscriminately which is harming our environment crucially.

Trees play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. If there are no trees, carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases will be increase and the world’s temperatures will get warmer. The effects will be very harmful.

To meet up the growing demands of food and human habitation, people cut down trees without thinking of the ecological catastrophe. Climatologists warn that there should be 25 percent of forests of the total land.

Widespread destruction of forests provides us with strong evidence that the world is nearing to face an ecological imbalance. In Bangladesh, we have 16 percent forest of our total land area. But the figure is not enough for the international standard for conservation of forests.

To avoid ecological catastrophe and for making the world a liveable place for humanity, deforestation must be stopped. The government must take afforestation programmes to grow more trees to save our environment.

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