Report about the miserable life led by a freedom fighter.

Suppose, you are a reporter of the Daily Star. Write a report about the miserable life led by a freedom fighter.

Star report –

Istiaque Ahmed, BARISAL, March 14 : The only woman freedom fighter of Barisal district, Sakhina Begum who lifted weapons against the occupied Pakistani army and fought for the freedom of the country is now leading a very miserable life. 

It is a matter of great regret that she is not leading her life depending on begging. Begging is not employed at all and it is disreputable. Yet she has to depend on it. It is a matter of shame that a woman freedom fighter stretches her hands for alms. Woman freedom fighter, Sakhina Begum lost her father, her husband and two sons during the War of Liberation. After the Liberation. After the Liberation War, no government came forward to help her. That is why, she is begging from door to door. She lives in an abandoned house where no human being can live. When she becomes ill, nobody comes to see her. 

The local UP Chairman has allocated a VGD card for her. Sakhina Begum feels much annoyed when she finds Rajakars moving boastfully all over the country. She experts that the war criminals will one day be punished.
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