Report on bad effect of cutting trees

Suppose, you are a reporter of a reputed daily. Now, write a report on indiscriminate cutting of trees in our country. 

Or, Suppose, you are a reporter of a daily newspaper. Write a report for your newspaper on “Bad effect of cutting trees”.

Sun report –

Hasan, RANGPUR, September 15 : Flooding on a massive scale may soon become the norm, and development in the already poor and developing country like Bangladesh might come to a dramatic halt, says the experts. 

The experts observed this at a seminar organized by the Daily Sun yesterday. 

“What we seem to be looking at with the floods is a remarkable collapse of the Himalayan ecosystem,” said A. Atiq Rahman, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Dhaka. 

The speakers at the seminar said that the adverse impact of deforestation on climate has been noticed conspicuously. The humidity of air has been drastically reduced which affects the rainfalls in the country. If reforestation programmes are not taken, there is every possibility that Bangladesh will turn into a desert within a short span of time. 

They also said the government and the private organisations that they must come forward. There is a universal formula on reforestation that when you cut one tree, plant two more trees to compensate for the loss.
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