Report on the frequent failure of electricity in your locality

Imagine, you are a district correspondent of the Daily Star in Naogaon. There are load-shedding almost paralysed life of people. Now, write a report about the situation. 

Or, Suppose, load-shedding occurs frequently in your locality. Now, write a short report on the frequent failure of electric power supply in your locality. 

Star report –

Mahmud, District Correspondent, NAOGAON, March 22 : There are allegations that power supply in rural areas under Palli Biddut Samity remain off for hours together. 

The SSC and Dakhil examinees are badly affected due to load-shedding every day and night. 

The erratic power supply is hampering the study of students, production in industries and the town dwellers are facing great incoveniences. 

It also comes disruption in water supply of Naogaon district Sadar Hospital and clinics into immense trouble. 

Most of roads at Naogaon Pourashava plunge into darkness hampering the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. 

Due to fluctuation of voltage and low voltage electrical appliances including television sets, computer, bulbs and food stored in the refrigerators are ruined. 

The law and order situation has deteriorated due to load-shedding as hijackers and kidnappers remain active in the dark. 

Moreover, the irrigation is hampered badly causing inconveniences to farmers. 
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