Report on acid throwing

Suppose, you are a local correspondent of a national daily. Now, write a report on ‘Acid Throwing’ and give your comments on how to overcome this inhuman act for your daily. 

Star Report –

Fahmida Kaiser, Local Correspondent, KHULNA, August 22 : Acid throwing is one of the most alarming social crimes existing in our country, which is mainly committed by cruel people to avenge their disappointment about something or to jeopardise one’s life as the victim does not yield to their unjustified demand. There may be many causes behind it. 

It is seen these days too much because of the availability of the lethal liquid. Acid is available in the market as it is an important ingredient in some chemical production. 

Last week, a girl of 16 years old was victimised by a boy who proposed to marry the girl and was refused by her. It has recently been recorded in the thana that a husband threw acid on his wife as her family did not give him dowry which was demanded by him during their marriage. Very ridiculous news came up where it was found that a male servant was a victim of acid throwing by his employer. 

It can easily be seen from the instances above that, in most cases, girls are the prime victims of this crime. Dr Rubin Chowdhury, a leader of the feminist movement in the country and a psychotherapist, believes, “The society must get rid of prejudices, ignorance and cultivate culture of patience, respect to each other. Only this can solve this problem.” So, the govt. should take some fruitful steps to solve this problem while public awareness is asked for.
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