Report about historical victory day of Bangladesh

Suppose, you are a local correspondent of Channel 1. Write a report about observance of the historical Victory Day of Bangladesh.


Humayun Ahmed Munna, Local Correspondent, Channel 1, RANGPUR, December 16 : Today is the 16 December, the Victory Day which is observed with due solemnity all over the country. This day our freedom fighters snatched away the red-green flag of independence from the occupied Pakistani army.

The day is a public holiday. It is the National Victory Day of Bangladesh. It is a red-letter day in our national history. We achieved victory on 16th December 1971 after a nice month struggle against the Pakistani occupation army.

Every year, we celebrate the day in a befitting manner. Almost every office and building are decorated with colourful banners, festoons and the national flag is hoisted. The radio and television telecast special programmes focusing on the importance of the day. In the national stadium, elaborate cultural programmes are arranged. Students and cadets of different institutions perform various roles.

The day’s programmes begin with gun-fire at early in the morning. People of all ages go to the National Memorial of Savar at dawn to offer flowers as a sign of love and respect for the martyrs. Different political, social and cultural organizations arrange programmes to observe the day. Many seminars and meetings are also held focusing on the significance of the day.

The educational institutions also chalk out programmes especially games and sports to celebrate Victory Day. Thus, the National Victory Day is celebrated in a massive way.
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