Report on a vote-centre observation

Suppose, you are Hasan Utpol, a reporter of a daily newspaper. You have visited a vote-centre. Write a report on your observation. 


Hasan Utpol, Staff Reporter, JHALAKATHI, February 13 : Ours is a democratic country. So elections are held here very often. As a reporter, I have observed many elections such as General Election, Upazila Election and Union Parishad Electin. Here I would like to report about a vote centre of Upazila Election which was held on 22 January 2009. On the day of the poll, I visited my nearest vote centre “Jhalakathi Govt. High School Centre” at about 11:00 am. 

The surrounding area of the vote centre took a festive look with many posters, election booths and crowds. I witnessed so many men and women coming from and returning home. Some people were coming by rickshaws, many on foot and many on boats. Outside the centre, there were booths for the supporters of different candidates. There were voter lists and people were there to take their voter serial numbers. There were some volunteers to help people in finding their name and serial numbers in the voter lists that printed with their photographs. 

In the vote centre, I found people were standing in queues for casting their votes. There were members from the police depertment and VDP to maintain the law and order in the polling centre. Mobile teams of Bangladesh armed forces and RAB’s also visited the centre routinely to prevent any unexpected happenings. 

But actually the atmosphere of this vote centre was very peaceful. The vote was casting free and fare manner. The presiding and polling officers and all concerned authorities helped to cast the votes with neutrality.
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