Report on devastating consequences of drug addiction

Write a report on the devastating consequences of drug addiction in the context of Bangladesh. 

Or, Suppose, you are a reporter of the Daily Independent. Now, write a report on the ‘Rapid Spread of Drug Addiction’ among the young people of our country. 


Nahida Sultana, Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, April 20 : Drug addiction has become a great danger in Bangladesh. A large number of people especially the young generation are addicted to drugs or opium-based products including morphine, heroin, marijuana, cocain, hashis, LSD, etc. 

Nowadays drug addicts are found everywhere in the streets, in the parks and even in the educational institutions. The number of drug addicts is increasing gradually. Most of them are addicted at their teenage. They have lost their career and now they can commit every crime for a little drug. When they could realise the consequences of drug addiction, it is too late. They want to shirk off the habit, but they cannot. 

When the drug addicts do not get money to buy drugs, they committed any crime. They misbehave with their parents. Even they become terrorists. By kidnapping, hijacking or committing robbery, they manage money to buy drugs. 

The final consequence of drug is very devastating. It causes death by severe affliction and suffering. 
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