Report on leisure time

You are a reporter on a television channel. You have interviewed many people on how they use their leisure time. Now, write a report on your findings.


Mamun, Our Special Reporter, X Vision Channel, JESSORE, December 29 : Leisure means free moments in one’s life. Different people spend their leisure in different ways. For example, the villagers spend their leisures by listening to folk music, watching jatra pala, snake charming, puppet shows and often playing traditional games. On the other hand, the city dwellers go to cinema or theatre, watch television, listen to western music, play cricket or many indoor games during their leisures. The common sports of our country are now cricket and football. 

Television and radio are the two important sources of common pastimes. In the late winter, people of the rural Bangladesh arrange sports such as horse race, ha-du-du, dariabanda, mock and stick fight. 

In the village fair, jatra, puppet shows and folk songs enchant the audience. Travelling during leisure can be a great source of enjoyment and education.
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