Report on unexpected fire on a garment factory

You are a reporter of a renowned newspaper. You have experienced an unexpected fire on a garment factory. Now, write a report on it. 

Or, Suppose, you are a reporter of a daily newspaper. You have witnessed a massive fire on a garment factory. Write a report on it. 

Or, Suppose, you are a reporter of a national daily. You are assigned to cover a massive fire in a factory. Now, write a report on it. 


Mithila, Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, April 28 : Over 50 people were injured as a devastating fire at Nahar Plaza. GM Garment Factory at New Elephant Road in the capital burnt down three floors of the garment factory yesterday. 

The exact cause of the blaze remained clouded in mystery but it came clear that the fire originated at about 4:30 pm from 3rd floor of the tenth storeyed building. 

‘All flood of the said garment factory went up in flames that soon engulfed the entire plaza,’ says a firsthand report based on accounts given by withnesses and police. 

Initial losses were estimated around Tk. 300 million. The extent of total damaged would stagger into a few more millions, the sources said. 

Over a dozen fire-fighting units combated frantically till the evening to control the raging fire that sent billows of black smoke into the air. 

Dhanmondi police rushed in and started rescue operation. A huge number of RAB, Police, BGB and members of intelligence agencies were deployed at the spot. 

Electrical line was cut off while adjacent buildings shops and markets pulled down their stutters as screaming shop owners, employees and customers came out in the street out of panic. 

There were several versions on the cause of the fire that erupted with a big bang. Some said it originated after air-cooler compressor burst at Nahar Plaza with a big bang, some said there was a bomb explosion while some said it could be a result of short-circuiting. 

The building houses a branch of the Arab Bangladesh Bank, two other garment factories, a Chinese restaurant, shops of readymade garments, ceramic, shoes and other enterprises. 

Hospital sources said more than 50 people were injured, many with severe burns. Of the injured, 15 people including four girls, were admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. 

They were identified as Hasan (25), Shahin (20), Shawkat (23), Ohidul (25), Aslam (35), Meem (20), Sohel (24), Naim (25), Topon (22), Shirin (18), Mehraj (23), Rina (25), Shafiq (18), Ripon (29), and Eva (18).
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