Report on a road accident you have witnessed

Suppose, you are Kamal. You are a local correspondent of the Daily Star. You have witnessed a terrible road accident recently. Now, make a report on this accident to be published in the newspaper. 

Or, Suppose you are a reporter of the Daily Star. Now, prepare a report on a terrible road accident you have come across very recently. 

Or, Suppose, you are a reporter of the Daily Star. Prepare a report about a terrible road accident. 

Or, You are a reporter of a daily newspaper. Write a report on a road accident you have witnessed. 

Star report-

Kamal, Local Correspondent, NARSINGDI, March 14 : It was March 12, 2014, I was coming back home from my village to Dhaka. I got on a speedy coach. We were heading towards our destination. Suddenly, I found a taxi coming from the opposite direction at a much higher speed. On man accompanied by his wife and two pretty young girls were on board of the taxi. The driver was driving it recklessly. 

It was about 11 am. Our coach was near the Katchpur Bridge. Suddenly, the taxi moved to wrong side and collided with our coach. Our coach escaped unhurt being heavier, stronger and bigger. Within a twinkling of an eye, I discovered nothing more than few broken parts of steal of the taxi and few lumps of bruised flesh. That is, all the passengers in the taxi were no more. 

The police of the Rupganj Thana rushed to the spot and sent the dead bodies to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The driver of our coach was arrested by the police and the coach was seized. 

Later on, the relatives of the victims were given information about the accident and they came to the hospital to take the dead bodies home. This is the most dangerous accident that I ever saw on the road. The people who saw the accident still get panicked. Whenever I remember this awful accident, my heart knows no bounds. Now to stop such fatal accidents, the government should take some effective steps like; making the roads wide and giving the driving licence only to the competent drivers.
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