Report on the rising prices

The prices of essential commodities have been risen and gone beyond the reach of the poor people. Now, write a report on the rising prices of essential commodities in the market. 

Or, Suppose, the prices of essential commodities have gone beyond the capacity of the poor and fixed income people. So, write a report on price hike of the essential commodities. 

Star report-

Sadia Afrin, Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, June 30 : Market prices of essential commodities have been rising by leaps and bounds since the beginning of this month. As a result, small-earning and poor people are facing unbreakable difficulties in their daily lives. 

After visiting some big markets of the capital city it was found that coarse rice was sold at Tk. 40-45/- per kg and the price of fine rice was Tk. 60-70/- per kg while that of masur pulse was Tk. 110/- per kg. sugar Tk. 44-48/- per kg and the soybean oil Tk. 110/- per kg yesterday. It shows that market prices of these staple foods have gone up by Tk. 4-10/- per kilo during last month. 

Keeping pace with rice, sugar, cooking oil and masur pulse the prices of vegetables, meat, fishes and eggs ate steadily going up. 

The rising prices of the daily necessaries are an alarming trend. If this trend continues unchecked, the common people who live with limited earnings will face starvation. Many middle-class families to find it beyond their means to buy essential foodstuff in sufficient quantities to meet their requirements. 

When asked about her reaction to the sharp and steady rise in market prices, a housewife said, “Something must be done to bring the prices down or else people will be in great distress.” “It is a sign of dark days,” she said.
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