Report on the lamentable condition of a city slum

Suppose, you are a reporter of the Bangladesh Observer. Prepare a report on the lamentable condition of a city slum. 

Or, You are a reporter of a reputed daily. You have interviewed many slum-dwellers about their ways of life. Now, write a report on them. 

Observer report –

Hasib, DHAKA, April 26 : As we gained our independence 36 years ago, we did not get economic independence. It becomes clear when we see the condition of the slum-dwellers in different parts of the country. Last few days, we have interviewed many slum-dwellers about their ways of life. Of them, we would like to report about the slum-dwellers of Kamalapur Railway slums. About 3,000 people life in an unhygienic environment of the Kamalapur Railway slums which is situated in the centre of the capital city, Dhaka. The slums are made of polythene, paper and jute bags.

The dwellers of these slums do not take hygienic food and often drink contaminated water. As a result, they suffer from different fatal diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid and other water-borne diseases. They suffer from unnecessary avoidable diseases which often cause death to them.

There is no arrangement for educating the slums’ children. The parents do not earn enough to support themselves and their family as well. So, they cannot think of sending their children to school.

The slums’ boys and girls spend the day collecting paper, polybags and other things. Sometimes the bag for food. It is a matter of great regret that they steal whatever they get and collect money to keep the body and soul together. They become addicted to drugs as their parents do not have any control over them. They also sell drugs like ganja, chorosh, bhang, phensidyl, pethedrin, opium, morphine, heroin, etc.

The authorities concerned should be more conscious of them. They should take proper steps to improve their living and rehabilitate them.
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